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Monday, June 20, 2011

We've Come a Long Way Part 2

Galilee has changed a lot since Fanuel wrote that letter back in 2003. At the time we had only a handful of sponsor.   And thanks to the sponsors and other caring individuals, we have made many of the dreams, which Fanuel spoke about, come true.

Eventually we raised the money to purchase several plots of land and replace most of dangerous tin buildings with brick, so the children would no longer be injured while attending school, nor would they get rained on while trying to study. We also built Waddington High School and equipped it with textbooks, desks, and a fully functional lab. The small school that just 7 years ago had only 186 students now has over 1400. It goes from Baby class all the way through the completion of High School. With 41 paid teachers, the school no longer has to rely on volunteers.

In 2007 we brought both a potable water well and electricity to the school. Previously Fanuel had to purchase water and transport it for all the children. Now not only does the new well hydrate all the children, but also provides a small income to help with the cost of overhead. The newly wired electricity runs both the well and keeps the kids safer, as now they don’t run the risk of fires from kerosene lamps.

We have also expanded Holly House dramatically. We now rent two buildings and raised enough money to add a permanent third building. Now the orphans and destitute children of the Soweto Slums will always have a home and an education at Galilee. Today we have 130 children who call Holly House home.

And thanks to Feed the Children, every child at Galilee Primary School gets a hot meal every day. We no longer have students going days without food or giving up their meal so their siblings can eat. For many of our students this is the only meal they will get in a day.
Just a few months ago we were able to finish the fundraising to build a brand new kitchen.  Now the school has the room to store the food from Feed the Children and the students are no longer forced to stand in smoke as they wait for their lunch.

All of these things happened because people all over the world cared enough to give and donate time to Galilee Primary School and Waddington High School. They also told friends, neighbors and family members about our remarkable organization. Galilee, Holly House and WHS would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for these amazing people. It truly was built with love and $1 at a time.

We have made some wonderful things happen at Galilee and WHS, but we aren’t done yet.

• The Kenyan Health Department has informed the school that more toilets need to be built or they will shut down the school.  Feed the Children has offered to build 6 more toilets if we purchase the land.  Currently we need $1575 in order to purchase the land.

• In order to go on to further education or get jobs other than menial jobs, every form 4 student must take the KCSE at the cost of approximately $109 per student. Many of the student’s families make less than $1 per day, making paying for these exams nearly impossible.

• We still have some of those dangerous tin buildings that need to be replaced.  Not only do they pose a threat to the kids, but they are hot in the summer, cold in the winter and leak in the rainy season making it very hard for the teachers to teach and the students to learn. 

The children still need us to help give them a brighter future and a chance to end the cycle of poverty. Please consider making a donation today and be part of a wonderful future.

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