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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Impact of Raising Food and Gas Prices on the School

Thank you so very much for the big efforts you have and continue doing towards sponsoring children in our schools as well as the drives you are doing that are enabling us put learning materials in the hands of the children and teachers. These materials in the long run are going to help our kids to improve their academic standards and thus have higher chances of passing the national examinations.

The cost of life in Kenya has suddenly gone up in away that we are all getting worried of what future holds for us. It is increasingly difficult for us to meet our monthly bills ie salaries for our teachers, food, electricity etc.
Everybody is struggling here in Kenya especially now that prices for petroleum products , and that of food have gone through the roof. A 90kg bag of maize which we were buying at ksh 1600 ($17.89) just a few months ago, now it is costing ksh. 4500($50.32). A 90kg bag of beans that were buying at ksh. 3000 ($33.55)  is now costing ksh. 6200 (69.33). A 50kg bag of rice that were buying at ksh. 2000 ($22.36) just a few months ago now we are buying the same bag at ksh. 4200 ($46.97).
The situation is now getting into a crisis especially for us with a big number of children to feed. Before, full sponsorship used to cover normal school fees and food, but because of the continuing rise in food prices the full sponsorship fee is no longer enough to cover the same. I would wish to inform you that we have been talking to parents about our problems. In this regard we have appealed to the parents especially those whose children are on full sponsorship to chip in and support. We agreed with them that they will be paying ksh. 1500 ksh per term in addition to what sponsors are paying to support our school programs. In the same breadth we are keen on discouraging total dependence syndrome and thus creating an avenue for parents participation in their childrens’ education.
We are happy some parents have responded well and are they now paying the much we agreed with them although many are struggling as well as some we think should be able to contribute something are lagging behind. We actually don’t like sending children home for fees but really nothing else works.
Thank you

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