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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday's Featured Student - The SOS Sponsorship Program

Meet Silvester!  He is 9 years old with a birthday coming up on July 18.  Silvester lives in the slums with his poor unemployed parents. He is in class 5A, and works hard in class.  He believes education is a tool to change his life!  He enjoys football and his best subject is science.  He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.  

Silvester can be sponsored through our special SOS (Solve Our Sanitation) Sponsorship Program.  We are offering a limited number of children on a Basic Program Sponsorship.  While breakfast, uniform and school supplies are not included in these basic sponsorships, the children are provided an opportunity to exchange letters with their sponsors and receive encouragement.  To participate in the SOS program, make a donation of at least $25, $35 or $50, whatever you are comfortable with.  These funds will be used to purchase land for latrines.  The school has received an opportunity to have six latrines built -- these are desperately needed.

In an ideal world
The United Nations body dealing with human rights has affirmed that the right to water and sanitation is contained in existing human rights treaties, and that States have the primary responsibility to ensure the full realization of this and all other basic human rights.

The real world
Now meet the 1400 children of Galilee Primary and Waddington High School – two schools in the Nairobi slums where there is a ratio of 175 children to each latrine! 

Due to the over-use and poor location of the current toilets, several of our children have been ill with typhoid fever. These conditions are shameful in the 21st century where nations across the world have signed the UN charter affirming that the right to sanitation is a basic human right.

How can you help? Donations are very welcome. However, you can also help by sponsoring a child via our SOS program.  Please visit our website at to see the beautiful faces of children in need of sponsorship or to make a general donation.
If you have any questions, please email us at

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