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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun and Games

If you were to ask our students what their favorite sport is, my guess is the vast majority would say FOOTBALL (or soccer, as we call it in the States).  Here is the girls' team, just before a game this fall.

It's great to know that our students are able to participate in some normal, healthy school activities, such as sports and music, as well as their studies.  This helps provide a more well rounded education for our students and helps them develop friendships.  We are so happy to know their physical education and health are a priority, too.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Global Hand Washing Day

October 15 was Global Hand Washing Day and it brought much excitement to our students at Galilee Primary and Waddington High Schools! 

They had some special visitors including Miss World Kenya Chapter, the Nairobi city council town clerk, the administration officials and many other celebrities. Safeguard soap manufacturers sponsored the event and donated 2000 bars of bathing soap to the school for the students.  

Miss World Kenya demonstrates hand washing...
 ...and then helps a child wash her hands.
 Everyone got in on the joy of clean hands!
  Our students entertained their guests by providing music from the girls in the choir and dancers.

 Our WHS students enjoyed meeting Miss World Kenya!

We are always thrilled when something positive happens to enhance our students understanding of health principles.  What a fantastic way for our children to learn the value of hand washing!

Friday's Featured Child - Martin


Meet Martin!
Martin lives at Holly House and attends WHS in form 1.  He is 16 and his birthday is coming up on November 11.  Martin's father is a farmer and the family is so poor that it became necessary for Martin to move into HH to continue his high school education.  He scored 379 on the KCPE exam.  Martin enjoys reading books and playing football.  He would like to be a doctor.

Sponsorship fees for a Holly House student is $30/mo for full sponsorship or $15/mo for cosponsorship. Can you reach out to help Martin by becoming his sponsor or cosponsor?   You would make a tremendous difference in his life!  

For more information, email

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Surprise: New Desks!

Every once in awhile something unexpected happens and makes for a happy surprise!  So it was when the school learned that they were to be the recipients of 600 school desks, donated by the African Development Bank.  Since many of Galilee Primary School's desks were very old and in poor repair, these new desks were a wonderful blessing! 

Through their project to help non-formal schools in need, the bank also gave the school a desktop computer last semester.  We are very appreciative of these efforts to help schools for children living in poverty.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Geography Books for WHS Students!

With many thanks to one of our dedicated sponsors, each of our Form 4 students enrolled in Geography class received a new Geography textbook.  These books came just in time to help them study for end of year exams and will stay at the school for the incoming Form 4 students next year.

It is through generous donations like this that we are able to improve the education of our students, step by step.  In the end, this results in higher KCSE scores which enhance the student's future opportunities.  Our mission is to lift children from poverty through education -- what a wonderful contribution these books are toward achieving our mission.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Featured Child - Dalton

Meet Dalton
Twelve year old Dalton is in standard 5.  He lives with his unemployed parents and an older brother in abject poverty.  Dalton dreams of becoming a pilot someday.  His best subject is English and he enjoys reading storybooks.  At home his chore is washing utensils.  Dalton's birthday is February 23. Would you like to be Dalton's sponsor and friend?

Sponsorship fees are only $12.50/month which includes fruit for breakfast.  As a sponsor you will receive three letters per year and an annual photo, as well as school progress report info for each term.  Please email for more information.