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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

iGive Challenge until November 12th

Hi Everyone! 

Here is a special challenge that iGive is running until November 12th that will help Plant-a-Book International help our kids!  If you have never used iGive before -- this is for you!  PLEASE try to think of SOMETHING to purchase through the iGive link (Christmas is coming and MANY of our favorite stores are listed!).  PAB will receive $5 for every new iGive user!!!  Pass the word to your friends and family, too, and tell them to list Plant-a-Book International as their charity of choice.  Here is how it works:
Donation Challenge - Each New Active Member Means $5+ for Plant-a-Book International

Through November 12, 2013, Plant-a-Book International earns an extra $5 for new supporters at iGive who make at least one purchase. That's in addition to the normal donation amount. There's never been a better time to help the children of Galilee Primary School, Waddington High School and Holly House children's homes, at no cost to you.

Three important details -
  1. Over 1,350 stores participating. Purchases at Amazon count for a donation,
    but not towards the new member bonus.
  2. New iGive members only (never joined before) and you must make a purchase by 11/12/13.
  3. You must use our special link we've provided below to join. And you must use iGive to visit the store (the Button, the iPhone / iPad apps, or links on the iGive site). Returns don't count.
Get the word out today. Donation Challenge ends 11/12/13.  Please tell your friends and family, too.

The holidays are around the corner. Every purchase supporters make can help Plant-a-Book International. They'll feel good, and they'll do good.

Thanks, Everyone!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stefanovie ~ Make His Birthday Special Today!

Meet Stefanovie - HH 459

Celebrating his birthday October 17th!

Stefanovie has had a rough time.  His parents both died and he lived with an uncle until his uncle passed away earlier this year.  He went to bed without food and yet woke up and went to school each day, determined to get an education.  He scored 369 on his KCPE in 8th grade.  Now he is in form 1 at WHS.  Stefanovie is 15 years old and his birthday is October 17.  He enjoys listening to music and wants to be an engineer.  Can you please be Stefanovie's sponsor?

For more information, please email

Make a difference in the life of a child today!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday's Child - Vincent

Meet Vincent O. - HH447

Fourteen year old Vincent lives at Holly House.  He is an orphan and was living with a well-wisher until that individual could no longer afford to help him.  Vincent enjoys reading magazines and wants to be a pilot someday. He is a good student and scored 352 on the KCPE last year - now he is in form 1 at WHS.  His birthday is June 14.  Please be Vincent's new friend and sponsor!

For more information, please email

Make a difference in the life of a child today!