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Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Featured Child: Meet Cynthia


 Look at Cynthia's sweet smile!  

Cynthia is 10 years old and in standard 3.  She lives with her unemployed parents and three younger siblings in very poor conditions.  Her best school subject is English and she dreams of being a dentist.  She enjoys playing on a 'monkey frame' and helps at home by washing utensils.  Cynthia's sponsorship fees are only $12.50 per month.  Won't you consider becoming Cynthia's sponsor and friend?

Please visit or email for more information.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adopt-an-Object Science Drive

Here is your opportunity to help support the Science program at Waddington High School!  We are having an Adopt-an-Object drive.  Fanuel, school director, writes, "As we are closer to the KCSE season we would like to buy a few general items in the Lab which are always used in the science practicals but at the moment we are short of them."

Let's give these kids the tools they need to complete their KCSE exams in good standing!  All together we needed to raise about $770.00 and we are already over half way there!  We have already raised over $430 and only need $336 now!

Here is the list of  items needed and their prices.  If you are unable to purchase an entire  item or set of items, please know any donation of any amount is welcome and will go to purchase some of the items!  $5.00 will buy 1 of the Burettes Stands, for example.

$16 Cell holders 1 cell plastic-10
$30 Conical flask 250ml Brosil(R)-10
$40 Volumetric flask 200ml-1
$50 Burettes stand complete-10
$50 Burettes 50ml rotaflow-10
$50 Crocodile clips-100
$50 G- Clamp 4''-10
$50 Stop watch-10

Update:  September 1, 2012 -- WE DID IT!  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, we met our goal of $770 and the students will receive the equipment soon!