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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Featured Child - Nelly!

Meet Nelly - GPS645
Nelly is eight years old and in standard 3.  She lives with her unemployed parents and two older siblings, and helps at home by washing utensils.  Nelly's best school subject is English.  This well-rounded girl enjoys both reading and playing football.  She dreams of being a pilot when she grows up.  Can you reach out to be Nelly's sponsor?   Just email for more information.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Featured Child - Suleiman!

Meet Suleiman - WH451

Suleiman is a great student, scoring 311 on the KCPE.  He joined WHS in form 1 this year.  Someday he would like to be a chief justice!  Suleiman lives in the slums with his parents and has a rough home life.  He helps by fetching water and enjoys riding a bicycle.  Please consider reaching out to help Suleiman with his education.  For more information, email

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Featured Child - Ann!

Meet Ann O - GPS625

Sweet Ann is an orphan, both of her parents are deceased, and she lives with her aunt in the slums.  At home she helps with washing utensils.  Ann enjoys reading story books.  Her best school subject is math.  Can you help Ann by being her sponsor and friend?  Sponsorship fees are $12.50/month.  Email for more information. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Featured Child - A great student: Zedrick!

Meet Zedrick - WH437
Hard-working Zedrick is 15 years old and in form 1.  His birthday is June 23.  Zedrick has a rough home life.  He lives with both parents, but his father has problems and is unemployed so the mother does what she can with menial jobs to earn a living.  Zedrick helps at home by washing clothes.  He scored 374 on the KCPE exam, which is very good.  He enjoys playing handball and wants to be a lawyer.  Can you be Zedrick's sponsor?  Sponsorship fees are $12.50/month for the basic program or $20/month for the lunch-included program.  Please email for more information.

Update:  Zedrick has been sponsored!  Please visit our website at for more deserving students in need of a sponsor.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Term is in Full Swing!

My, oh, my!  Time is flying and I just realized it has been much too long since we posted on our blog here, so let's get back to business. The school year seemed to get off to a bit of a slower start than usual this year.  Standard 8 students had to wait until the end of January for the KCPE results from the government, so they were very "up in the air" -- not sure if they should enroll in standard 8 again or be permitted to enroll in form 1.  This also meant that form 1 couldn't start until the end of January.  Once results came out, students made their decisions and Waddington High School began accepting the new form 1 students.  Then, with the Kenyan elections in early March, some families took their children "up country" to relatives and schools around Nairobi were closed in fear there would be outbreaks of violence.  That is what happened in the last presidential election, so there was cause for concern.  School resumed about a week later and children began trickling back in.  The students have now settled back into the routine of school days.  Annual photos of each and every precious child have been sent to their sponsors and things are humming along again.

One of the most exciting events has been the opening of a computer lab at WHS!  KKIN UK donors provided refurbished computers and monitors, for which the school was so grateful!  Then, thanks to the donations of PAB supporters in Australia and other donations, we were able to provide the software and computer studies textbooks to complete the lab. Computer studies will begin with Form 1 this year.  Next year Form 2 will be added as well.  This is such a milestone for this school! I remember when we were raising funds for electricity at the school (and clean water!). Thank you to all who made this possible!

I also wanted to update you on the KCSE and KCPE fund drive.  Because of your generous donations, this year we were able to raise $2736.50 for KCSE exams and $607.50 for the KCPE exams, for a total of $3344.00!  This will go a long way in helping many of our students take these required exams.
Please check out the Plant-a-Book International website at
There are so many kids that need sponsors, fees are reasonable and rewards are great.  I'll be in touch again soon!