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Monday, February 3, 2014

“Share the Love” Valentine’s Day Textbook Drive!

 Let's have some Valentine's Day fun!

One of our primary goals for 2014 is to improve textbook ratios at Waddington High School and Galilee Primary School so that we can give our Nairobi Kids the tools they need to obtain a quality education.  By the beginning of 2014, the textbook ratio at WHS had fallen to approximately one textbook to every four students.  The ratio was better at GPS due to a large donation of textbooks in 2011, but students currently share at a ratio of approximately one textbook to every two students.

Many of our sponsors have answered our call for more textbooks by generously buying books for their own sponsored children and/or the classroom from our Online Shop.  However, Fanuel (the school director) reports that we still have some classes that are experiencing a serious shortage of texts  Specifically, Form 1 and Form 2 currently have the more dire need, as there are some classes for which there are very few texts.  In order to ensure that these students have the materials that they need to learn, we are holding a Valentine's Day Textbook Drive.

We are excited to announce that this year's Valentine's Day Drive will have two special features: 

1.  One of our sponsors has generously offered to match donations of up to 25 math texbtooks for each of Form 1 and Form 2!  With the match, this means that we have the opportunity to donate 100 math textbooks to WHS!  Math tends to be the most difficult subject for our WHS students, so increasing the number of math textbooks available will be a great help to the students.  Form 1 math texts are only $6.00 and Form 2 math texts are only $6.50.

2.    Each sponsor who purchases a textbook will have the opportunity to send their sponsored child(ren) a special treat for Valentine’s Day!  For an extra 50 cents per sponsored child, Fanuel (the school director) will make sure that your sponsored child receives a lollipop on Valentine’s Day and will convey the message “Happy Valentine’s Day from your sponsor.”  The children love lollipops and they will be thrilled to know that their sponsor was thinking of them on Valentine’s Day!

Donors may identify a specific subject, grade, and/or recipient for their textbook donations if they choose.  General donations to the textbook fund of any amount are also greatly appreciated, and will be used first to buy textbooks under the matching program described above, and second to buy textbooks in subjects where Fanuel identifies the greatest need.  We do request a minimum donation of $6.00 plus 50 cents per sponsored child in order to participate in the lollipop portion of the drive.  Please have all donations in by February 11, 2014 in order to give Fanuel adequate time to purchase the candy and coordinate the list of children to receive the special treats.

Donation Instructions:
To donate one or more textbooks, click the “Donate” button to the right of this post and specify “Textbook Drive” in the memo section.  If you would like your sponsored child(ren) to receive a lollipop on Valentine’s Day, please add 50 cents per child to the cost of the book(s).  Please also email Brenda (PAB director) at with your order details, including books purchased (or general donation to textbook fund), recipient (if specified), and sponsored children to receive a lollipop (include full name, ID number, and class level).

Thank you for your support!
Happy Valentine's Day!

~Submitted by Brooke

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