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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Letter of the Month Club

Welcome to the Letter of the Month Club (LOTMC)!  This is a monthly feature on the blog that we hope will help you develop a deeper relationship with your sponsored child through letter-writing.  Since we are all in different stages of getting to know our sponsored kids, we have several suggested topics so that you can choose the one that works best for you and your sponsored child.  We have also provided suggestions for “extras” to send along with your letter, and questions to ask your sponsored child.  Words in blue will take you to appropriate links.

This Month’s Topics:
Getting to Know You: Your Country
Provide your sponsored child with some basic information about your country.  Where is it located?  What are its most significant geographical features?  What language(s) is spoken?  What is the population?  When was your country founded?  How did it gain its independence?  What are the primary exports/industries in your country?  What is your country “known for” internationally? 
Suggested Extras: Picture of your country’s flag; or country map
Questions to Ask: Ask your sponsored child to tell you about Kenya.

Topic in Focus: Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (February 7-23, 2014)
Share the excitement of the upcoming Winter Olympics with your sponsored child.  What is your favorite event?  Does your country excel at any particular event?  Have you participated in any winter sports?   
Suggested Extras: Clipping or printout of story on the Winter Olympics; or miniature flag of your country
Questions to Ask: What Olympic event sounds the most interesting to them?  Are there any winter sports they would like to try one day?

Holiday/Seasonal: St. Patrick’s Day
Teach your child about the life (and legend) of St. Patrick.  Is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated in your country?  If so, how? 
Suggested Extras: St. Patrick’s Day greeting card; stickers; or wordsearch.
Questions to Ask: Is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated in Kenya?

Reminder: The purpose of the LOTMC is to facilitate getting more letters in the mail to our Nairobi Kids, so please do not get bogged down in worrying about writing the perfect letter or gathering the “extras.”  If you are short on time this month, just drop a postcard or greeting card in the mail with a few short lines to let your Nairobi Kids know that you are thinking of them.  

~ Submitted by Brooke

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