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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Schools' Scouts Association

In addition to carrying a full academic schedule, our Nairobi Kids also have the opportunity to participate in after school activities such as the Kenya Scouting Association.  Scouting has a long history in Kenya, dating back to 1910.  The focus of the Kenya Scouting Association is on community service and character building.  Scouting has become very popular in Kenya in recent years, and troops can be found at schools across the nation, including Galilee Primary and Waddington High Schools. 

The video above was taken in late 2012 during a celebration of World Water Day on the Galilee campus.  The occasion was organized by the Haki Water Organization and sponsored by the manufacturers of Life Guard Soap, which provided bathing soap to all of the children.  The GPS/WHS Scout Troop can be seen marching in the video in their uniforms.  We are so happy to know our students can participate in these learning opportunities.

~Submitted by Brooke

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