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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Christmas is Coming to Holly House

Every year around this time I sit and reflect on our children at Holly House.  This is their home.  They have no other place to go and their dorm-mates are their "family."  As I anticipate the shopping we'll do for our friends and family, the meals we'll prepare, trees we'll decorate and laughter that will ring through our houses, I think about what a difference just one special meal would make to the Holly House children.  Christmas dinner:  warm beef stew, rice, a special treat of ice cream and soda pop.  So simple to us, so special to them.
So today my heart is bursting with joy because our sponsors have come forward to make a special meal possible for these kids!  We had set a goal of raising $510 to provide Christmas dinner to approximately 100 children -- and we reached it!  Thank you, thank you, for your generosity.  I know we will all enjoy our Christmas dinners a little more, knowing these dear children are also smiling through a Christmas meal.

Scenes from last year's HH Christmas Dinner:

~ Brenda

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