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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Featured Student - Your Help is Needed

Here are several students that are waiting to find a sponsor.  If you would like to sponsor any of these students please email us at .  Please help spread the word by sharing this post.  Thank you!

Victor SOS49

Victor is 11 years old with a birthday on June 27, 1999.  He is in Class 6.  His best subject is science and he wants to be an accountant someday.  Victor lives with his unemployed parents and has grown up in the Kayole-Soweto slums.  He enjoys playing football.  Can you help Victor by being his sponsor and friend?  

Sharon - SOS66
Sharon turned 13 years old on March 9th and is in class 7A.  She lives with her parents, who try to earn a living doing casual labor, in the Soweto slums.  Sharon enjoys reading story books and her best subject is Christian Religious Education.  She thinks it would be fun to be a pilot.  Can you share in Sharon's love of reading and become her sponsor?

Meet Peter - SOS57
Peter is 12 years old, with a birthday on February 24.  He is in class 5B where his best subject is English.  Peter lives with his unemployed parents in a single room house in the slums.  Someday he wants to be an electrician.  Peter would love a sponsor and friend -- could it be you?

Meet Mary - SOS64
Mary's birthday is August 15 and she will be 12 years old.  She is in class 7A.  She lives with her poor parents in the Soweto slums and her brother also attends Galilee.  Mary enjoys skipping rope and her best subjects are math and science.  She dreams of being a nurse someday.  Won't you please consider being her special friend and sponsor?

Meet Lilian - SOS63
Lilian is 13 years old and her birthday is April 24.  She lives with her parents and two siblings in the Soweto slums.  Her parents are jobless and they live in abject poverty.  Lilian is in class 6B and her best subject is Science.  She enjoys reading fiction.  Someday she would like to be a newscaster.  Won't you consider being Lilian's new friend and sponsor?

Meet Felisters - SOS61
Felisters is 12 years old now and in class 7A.  Her best subject is science and she would like to be a nurse someday.  She lives with her parents in the Soweto slums.  Felister likes to play handball.  Her birthday is August 8th.  Would you like to be Felisters' new sponsor?

These students can be sponsored by either the Breakfast-Included Sponsorship Program:  The fees are $12.50/month which covers a nutritious fruit breakfast, a basic school uniform, basic school supplies and a small stipend toward the school's operating costs. These sponsorships provide vital funding for the child's and school's needs. In return you will receive a photo and letters from your child each term, knowing that you are sending your child to school with fruit in their tummy and a nice uniform and supplies.  

Basic Program Sponsorship: While breakfast, uniform and school supplies are not included, these sponsorships provide an opportunity for children to exchange letters with their sponsors and provide a stipend toward the school's operating costs. To participate in the Basic Sponsorship Program, choose a child from the list and make a donation of at least $25, $35 or $50, whatever you are comfortable with. You can donate more if you like, knowing that the funds will go toward offsetting the school's operating expenses.

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