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Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Choirs Have Done It Again!

It is another happy day for us all here at Galilee. Our GPS  and WHS  choirs have done it again, GPS choir  scooped the top first places in the three classes they participated and WHS won in one of the two classes the participated. In one of the classes GPS won we are now going to keep the trophy for  good being that we have won it three consecutive years. If we had the funds we would have taken them to National music competition in Nakuru  which will be taking place  from 27th  July but since we cannot afford it we shall let it rest there until next year again.
I'm happy to hear reports about sponsors receiving  letters from their sponsored children, in the meantime our form 4 are finishing their  mocks.... Thank you again  for the big efforts you made in raising funds for the land, we shall be sealing the transaction  of the land on Monday next week.
Thank you
God bless

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